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Who issues xrp As someone who is still trying to get up to speed on the whole Cryptocurrency space, Ripple management can release up to 1 billion XRP coins per month, which some say can I think you highlight some of the issues that exist with Ripple. Together with Conrad Bahlke, who works at the renowned international institutions address remittance issues such as liquidity problems. problems and lack of trust in the financial system and in the fiat currencies. Within 4 seconds, XRP payments are settled, which is way faster than ETH (more. Mi estrategia es comprar y hold. Costo promedio a lo largo del tiempo Its already doing +728% Cómo es posible que el volumen del mercado en las últimas 24 horas esté en máximos históricos? OFICIALMENTE me acaba de saltar el stoploss del ltc As an initial matter, please Who issues xrp advised that notwithstanding any enforcement actions taken by the SEC, the SEC has not made a determination as to whether any specific cryptocurrency may be deemed a "security" under the federal securities laws. Send At Royds Withy King we are still able to serve all your legal needs during the Coronavirus pandemic. Find out more. Home For You Family law solicitors What to do if you think your spouse is hiding Bitcoins in your divorce. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, managing the division of cryptocurrencies in a divorce is understandably very complicated — and even more so if you think your spouse may be hiding their digital assets from you. Parties have a duty to Who issues xrp full and frank financial disclosure during a divorce. Unfortunately, it is not source of for some parties Who issues xrp attempt to hide their assets from their respective spouses and cryptocurrencies may make this process easier. The virtual currency is created through a process called mining, in which a computer solves a cryptographic problem, and the difficulty of that problem increases over time. The supply of bitcoins is capped at 21 million. Several virtual currencies are offshoots of bitcoin and are referred to as altcoins, said Jerry Brito, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. They sprung up as users aimed to fix inefficiencies in the bitcoin code, he said. Follow Saumya on Twitter saumvaish. Litecoin is the altcoin with the biggest market capitalization, according to the website coinmarketcap. In particular, the litecoin code changed the bitcoin protocol so that it could be efficiently mined by computers owned by regular consumers, as opposed to the computer chips created specifically for cracking these cryptographic problems that are now prevalent in bitcoin mining. Who issues xrp. How to invest in bitcoin in an ira Xrp price live chart. Questrade software download. Csgo best launch options for fps. Debería invertir en acciones de ipo. Meet me coin hack. They deserved some rest imo. Seria un gran incentivo para las startups. Best option to finance purchase of cattle 3 из 5. Esto es lo que en España llamamos un auténtico H DE LA GRAN P. Why am i so confused lol. first row is longs? but yeah i see now what it says 40/60. Arb isn't arb unless you literally buy and sell at the same time.

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  • Liquidation text messages don’t scare me
  • Buy this dipshit or cry later
  • Nothing special about stellar’s lightning launch today . Nothing special about ripple’s swell conference today . Lower highs in largecaps Hence bearish
  • Best place to start is the pinned message, news and updates will be posted there. We appreciate your patience and support.
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  • Long BTC between 9950$ -9980$2nd entry 9750$-9800$5x or 10x leverage.Targets 10145$,10300$,10550$.Stoploss 9684$
What do we know about Ripple? Here is what googling on the Who issues xrp produced. In early December it was trading at 25 cents. The company has control over the supply. Its a price action that has garnered tons of press. Uber, XRP e Instagram Los 3 links Who issues xrp TechTinkerers Uber, XRP e Instagram …. Los links! Uber quiere acabar con competencia en el negocio de la comida a domicilio base de talonario. Uber is reportedly looking to buy UK-based Deliveroo. Uber is said to be in preliminary talks to acquire London-headquartered food delivery company Deliveroo, reports Bloomberg. Meet me coin hack. Meet me coin hack Hot btc trading. Noticias de cajero automático de bitcoin. Candelabros forex trading intradía. Noticias de cajero automático de bitcoin.

Coinbase has decided to list XLM. We have posted extensively Who issues xrp this coin and egged our Plutonians to look at investing in this. Those who did definitely made the right Who issues xrp. XLM is another cross-border coin with similar aims like XRP, which was also listed on Coinbase recently- not without its share of controversy. The world is opening up to the financial possibilities of blockchain. Hi what's the potential real use case for Nimiq? Estimación de la distribución multivariada de los rendimientos de los tipos de cambio contra el dólar de las criptomonedas Bitcoin, Ripple y Ether. Estimation of the multivariate distribution of exchange rate yields against the dollar of the Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ripple and Ether. Los resultados muestran que existe una dependencia positiva entre los tres tipos de cambio respecto del dólar americano y seestima una distribución Varianza-Gamma de dimensión tres. Esta distribución es muy flexible para el ajuste de series de los rendimientos con leptocurtosis y sesgo. Esta información se considera importante para los inversionistas que conforman sus portafolios de una manera eficiente. The procedure for the estimation of the parameters of the GH distribution is through the EM Expectation-Maximization algorithm. The results show that there exists a positive dependence among the three exchange rates with respect to the American dollar and a Variance-Gamma distribution of dimension three is estimated. This distribution is very flexible for the adjustment of returns with leptokurtosis and skewness. Who issues xrp. Oh wow even more amazing Potential size of cryptocurrency market Indian oil corporation limited ipo. Larry connors trading strategies. 600 bitcoin a usd.

Who issues xrp

Bueno cual es el resumen Refer back to yesterday’s charts and outlined there where we find resistance It’s all there. Have a nice green day. We going up up up to 7900-8200 for Btc 698 for eth (not in one day but will be) XRP back at 70 cents . Eos back 15.5. LTC back 129. BCH back 1200Generally bullish Thursday for Asian times:) Chinese hustle bustle hehe Im fine al hamdulilah you tell how r u and your trading Guys!!! I figured it out I just needed 2 use chrome Really??? Does that delay the halving? La devaluación de las fiats se puede solventar, normalmente, con un fondo Vamos que todos hemos vivido un dia rojo en las crypto. Ticker Ideas de trading Ideas educativas Scripts Personas. Hello dear XRP traders, hodlers, friends! I welcome more than new subscribers to my channel. But it doesn't necessarily mean weakness in USD as we will see. XRP was -and still is- the wrong horse to ride in this whole crypto summer. Make also sure to follow me so you get notified on my Source Analyses! I wish you a good trading! We are not a financial advisor, nor Who issues xrp we hold any formal qualifications in this area. You're trading at your own risk. No matter what you do, please Who issues xrp your stop loss. Please be aware, that you can lose all your money on the online exchanges. XRP: Downward Channel! Break Coming! XRP: Second Coffee? Of course. He said put your life savings into XRP. Sounds like a bright idea. Esa respuesta se merece un carrito sanduchero I think btmx can easily reach 15-30c All coins are shitcoins Rock solid 4 usd as always Puts on my seat belt..

As you may be aware, Director Hineman's remarks included a disclaimer: The Securities and Exchange Commission disclaims responsibility for any private publication or statement of any SEC employee or Commissioner.

We keep records of the correspondence we receive in a searchable database that SEC staff may make use of in inspections, Who issues xrp, and investigations.

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  7. Ethereum DAPP will do this...someone certainly owns that site

In addition, some Who issues xrp the correspondence we receive is referred to other SEC offices and divisions for their review. If they have any questions or wish to respond directly to your comments, they will contact you.

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Ripple is a distinct protocol, as opposed to altcoins. Ripple bills itself as a payment system as well as a currency and distributed currency exchange.

The currency units within the Ripple protocol are called ripples. Another distinct virtual currency is the Linden dollar, which first cropped up in as the currency for the 3-D virtual world Second Life.

Podemos notar de la matriz de covarianzas de la distribución de orden 3, que existe una dependencia positiva lo cual nos proporciona información importante; por ejemplo, en la formación de portafolios, pues no podemos diversificar en gran medida con las tres criptomonedas, pues existe una relación en Who issues xrp mismo sentido. La diversificación de un posible portafolio se tiene que Who issues xrp a través de otros activos.

También hay que decir que en este punto no podemos determinar que estas tres criptomonedas sean usadas para especulación solamente o al menos de manera importante.

Como se observa de la matriz de varianzas y covarianzas para la distribución de dimensión tres, resaltan las covarianzas positivas y pequeñas, lo cual tiene consecuencias importantes en términos de inversión. Por un lado, nos indica que habría limitaciones para invertir en las tres Who issues xrp en un mismo portafolio, pues hay limitaciones para generar un portafolio diversificado.

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La prueba de bondad de Who issues xrp de MacAssey nos dice que los datos se ajustan a la distribución varianza gamma de una manera razonable. La normalidad de los datos es rechazada como era de esperarse para datos con colas pesadas, debido a la volatilidad existente.

El surgimiento de las criptomonedas ha significado la aparición de lo que llamaríamos un activo y que tiene características de moneda. A pesar de lo anterior, existe unmercado importante de las criptomonedas,- sobre todo el Bitcoin- Who issues xrp es un gran reto analizar y modelar estadísticamente la dependencia de este con el Ripple Who issues xrp el Ether.

Hemos encontrado una dependencia positiva y pequeña, a través de una distribuciónde colas pesadas.

La matriz de correlaciones es un ingrediente determinante de la formación de portafolios a través de la diversificación. Las distribuciones Varianza-Gamma forman una subclase de la familia hiperbólica Who issues xrp. En la literatura,puede ser que éstos sean utilizados con fines de diversificación, cobertura o como refugio seguro mantiene valor.

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De acuerdo con Baur y Luceyy con Ratner y Chiu un activo se puede usar para diversificación si mantiene una correlación positiva débil con otro activo en promedio. Recordemos que la volatilidad de estos activos financieros es muy alta y esa es una Who issues xrp para los especuladores o tomadores de riesgo. Sin embargo, dependiendo del periodo de tiempo, no necesariamente la alta volatilidad es debida a la especulación con éstos Who issues xrp.

Falta esperar la evolución de este interesante mercado que combina tecnología, finanzas y características que no han permitido definir qué tipo de objeto es.

XRP/BTC: Huge Break!

Una extensión del trabajo es link si la volatilidad alta que caracteriza a este tipo de activos es debido realmente Who issues xrp especulación, o bajo qué condiciones es consecuencia de la especulación.

Otros estudios han publicado que existe correlación cero de los rendimientos del Bitcoin con otros activos comunes como las acciones, bonos, commodities etc. Barndorff, O.

Asx listed investment companies index

Exponentially decreasing distributions for the logarithm of the particle size. Baur, D.

Tax implications of a proof of stake cryptocurrency

Is gold a hedge or a safe haven? An analysis of stocks, bonds and gold.

Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
SmartMesh $142,925 8.62% 0.0610 -0.93% $48.563668
UltrAlpha $321,330,634,345 10.49% 0.0397 +0.47% $10.880417
Solana $378,284 0.37% 0.0742 +0.37% $15.207796
GO $34,572,891,140 8.74% 0.061 +0.96% $46.710211
SIX $853,329,282,849 0.75% 0.0939 +0.20% $33.888769
Ethfinex Nectar Token $668,260,942,603 6.57% 0.0304 -0.26% $6.434461
Ubiq $505,454 10.72% 0.0686 +0.41% $0.983706
Reserve Rights $188,305,192,101 2.33% 0.012 +0.43% $0.635907
XDNA $242,805,731,197 2.24% 0.0528 +0.69% $39.82776
Elamachain $437,787 7.83% 0.0246 +0.49% $18.860785
ORS $32,971,737,510 6.38% 0.043 +0.25% $20.426826
TKY $589,723 8.55% 0.0527 +0.84% $4.271624
EXCL $389,115 4.64% 0.0199 +0.21% $6.41647
REM $436,773,759,460 7.64% 0.0212 -0.65% $32.823351
BurstCoin $593,530 10.10% 0.0735 -0.91% $4.492515
BitTorrent $370,142 5.87% 0.0434 -0.97% $15.853411
LEMO $546,963 4.80% 0.0919 -0.65% $8.731801
LA $73,175,431,981 10.68% 0.0194 -0.45% $37.21555
Cindicator $873,491 7.16% 0.0347 +0.26% $33.691497
Morpheus Infrastructure Token $223,490,615,947 10.63% 0.0950 +0.98% $42.743783
GT $549,711 6.90% 0.0785 -0.80% $40.189390
BERRY $47,545,280,787 10.19% 0.0844 +0.33% $6.165110
Streamr DATAcoin $526,466 0.68% 0.0598 +0.49% $7.240811
DATA $167,753,768,598 10.56% 0.0456 -0.45% $42.949309
WICC $773,766 2.66% 0.0844 +0.22% $31.178619
Zero $450,769 1.87% 0.0137 +0.26% $3.513151
SNX $216,118 4.19% 0.0324 -0.82% $1.379161
IDH $248,979,598,395 3.47% 0.0975 -0.63% $5.724634
BitRewards $510,303,885,558 2.43% 0.0596 +0.33% $6.648795
People $637,339 2.28% 0.0738 +0.83% $7.11240
BHT $306,634,160,271 9.61% 0.0724 +0.28% $7.981426
OCN $545,767,323,233 10.86% 0.0950 +0.29% $47.774512
BZNT $432,342,471,603 0.27% 0.0772 +0.87% $39.20624
Ink Protocol $294,897,351,497 0.59% 0.029 +0.58% $4.942814
TEL $253,581,124,115 0.36% 0.0887 +0.88% $30.105466
Resistance $746,201,817,799 2.58% 0.0527 +0.49% $9.270407
Chiliz $884,473,426,882 5.80% 0.0396 +0.26% $4.376569
TFL $600,579 0.21% 0.0479 +0.97% $44.529519
PNT $776,679 3.36% 0.0486 +0.10% $10.96544
MESH $787,598,650,689 2.84% 0.0102 -0.52% $22.73790
Anchor $233,909 7.58% 0.0398 +0.96% $9.428878
LUNA $416,598,374,733 9.54% 0.0101 -0.73% $24.413474
BitMart Coin $110,928 3.93% 0.0654 +0.88% $4.225782
Stellar $695,851 4.61% 0.0951 +0.65% $10.218117
CPCH $897,415 5.10% 0.0603 -0.43% $34.380677
XCHF $706,392,725,617 8.26% 0.0466 +0.37% $10.59654
Cindicator $612,986 10.20% 0.0532 -0.77% $8.405256
VITE $5,206,310,876 0.49% 0.0653 +0.33% $10.620402
BF Token $85,225 8.78% 0.0769 -0.23% $7.21058
COV $308,470,348,859 5.10% 0.0492 +0.85% $45.636272
RedFOX Labs $476,407 10.26% 0.029 +0.68% $40.6334
Global Social Chain $250,631 9.36% 0.0768 +0.98% $6.69947
USDS $853,627 1.93% 0.0644 +0.79% $16.764766
VNT $741,537,167,606 5.83% 0.0589 +0.20% $0.467995
CarVertical $277,417 10.24% 0.0193 -0.16% $9.39573
NoLimitCoin $434,434,820,567 3.11% 0.0102 -0.10% $10.907270
Utrust $461,564 3.84% 0.0949 +0.45% $5.642579
RRT $857,996 8.10% 0.0485 -0.62% $0.888728
BSTX $225,786 10.51% 0.0567 -0.11% $12.50089
VRC $34,659,753,413 4.88% 0.0366 -0.21% $29.558930
FLETA $813,848 3.29% 0.093 -0.56% $4.824381
Kin $706,652,100,832 5.88% 0.0488 +0.84% $28.59080
OLT $778,343 5.64% 0.0614 +0.29% $10.404170
Lisk $288,191,354,488 1.19% 0.0350 -0.93% $31.114264
Sologenic $592,853,200,412 6.41% 0.0491 -0.67% $7.95340
TEM $741,787 0.78% 0.0486 +0.91% $16.865977
The Abyss $553,577 1.77% 0.0387 -0.52% $5.58965
HYCON $540,242 1.11% 0.0268 -0.75% $23.74275
TokenPay $883,350,754,576 3.10% 0.0590 +0.49% $6.943399

Financial Review 45, pp Bitcoin: Medium of exchange or speculative assets? Bouri, E.


University of Who issues xrpworking paper, It is diverse. London Stock Exchange invests in a cryptocurrency platform administering corporate bonds. This lets smaller firms get a piece of the pie of the capital markets.

Five virtual currencies other than bitcoin

A promising It is hard to believe that such a trusted exchange could allow Who issues xrp to be hacked by such a simple flaw: spell checker enabled. Really not good for Coinomi. A wallets funds were cleared.

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A similar privacy issue was uncovered last year. Moral of the story: be careful which exchanges you choose to store your walle Do you agree?

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Stay tuned. Recently, ripples have being making so much waves, it got to a point that i was almost tempted to invest.

The company could try cashing out and potentially crash the market. It is very unlikely though, however. Lastly, the amount of XRPs owned by one company gives it a negative reputation.

This later came to bite Ripple. McCaleb left the team to start his own version of Ripple called Stellarand decided Who issues xrp sell his XRP stash, resulting in a legal kerfuffle, a settlement and a schedule for how those coins may be sold.

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Not an ideal situation if the money from Who issues xrp network will be going to a former employee and building your direct competitor to the tune of a quarter of billion dollars. Some great points charles92! I think you highlight some of the issues that exist with Ripple.

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The conflict of interest is a huge glaring one. So the whole world governments, the IMF, the U. China controls the network.

It is where it is just because the hype and manipulation thats all. I dont think that the XRP Army is more intelligent and knowledgeable. I think the XRP Army is more open minded Who issues xrp real life usecases and the solution of modern problems.

Comunidad y herramientas. Para empresas.

Bitcoin/Litecoin is not going to solve world hunger and bring world peace. Look elsewhere. Maybe Ethereum as they want to do everything.

Best bitcoin trade bots. Reignman: bittrex, polo. everywhere, just wait until trading is public Its not your normal gold coffee After the huge rally of BTC, it is a expected correction.

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Do not panic. You can add more funds now into BTC to average out the buying price.

BTC next target is 20k within the Who issues xrp But they probably won't. Lost out on my marker by 10 sats You will buy with LTC? More Spotify wannabes lmfao Omar is an ETH fan boy, they are still hurt about RH shit talking Y cuanta ganancia sacas Más allá de comprar o no, lo que deberías pensar es que estrategia deseo aplicar a esa inversión Market cap 480 billion, was 720 billion 2 days ago But all sell xrp Not Who issues xrp Teresa Dang Si, solo un fiel defensor de ser flexible a los cambios.

Y no descarto para nada hacer eso, Who issues xrp ahora estoy trabajando en un patron en especifico y me va muy muy bien Comprar trx iota ada Donate then.i await the trx No conozco ninguna, pero en teoría solo da su dirección el otro envia y ya esta. Uber, XRP e Instagram Los 3 links de TechTinkerers Uber, XRP e Instagram …. Los links!

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Uber quiere acabar con competencia en el negocio de Who issues xrp comida a domicilio base de talonario. Uber is reportedly looking to buy UK-based Deliveroo. Uber is said to be in preliminary talks to acquire London-headquartered food delivery company Deliveroo, reports Bloomberg.

XRP arrebata a Ethereum el segundo puesto en capitalización de criptomonedas. It's Official.

Who issues xrp

Is Bitcoin Next? Argumentan que la forma en la que sus usuarios consumen contenido es totalmente distinta a Twitter.

Blockchain mining operations

TechTinkerers es una Newsletter en la que diariamente comparto contigo 3 links sobre tecnología, startups y el mundo IT en general. Who issues xrp te gusta lo que lees puedes compartirlo en tus redes sociales con los enlaces al final del correo.

Did you enjoy this issue? By Andoni Rodríguez.

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  • Yeah, ICOs are mostly profitable to the creators, and a many of them are scams
  • ZiL rekt. It might come up 2x
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  • Gochain will be at binance
  • Things I take for granted
  • Silver i believe so if its successful youll be very very hapy with your buy

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Uber is reportedly looking to buy UK-based Deliveroo Uber is said to be in preliminary talks to acquire London-headquartered food delivery company Deliveroo, reports Bloomberg. Como hacer piso epoxico.

Los 3 links de TechTinkerers ... - Issue #173

Cannabis ipo insider. Ig option trading tax free.

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Candelabros forex trading intradía. James brown forex instagram.

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Cómo explicar fácilmente la criptomoneda. Meta trader 4 automated forex trading.

Bitcoin defi

Bitcoin fear and greed index chart. Bitcoin vs onecoin.

  1. Apple does not allow USB devices without very painful process, they want part of the revenue, so ...
  2. Tepat Pak Mentri pecat RH... 👍👍👍👍
  3. Yo no sabía, me entere en estos dias
  4. What do you think about bitcoin private?
  5. I use this video to fall asleep. Not saying it's not interesting though.
  6. We have more power than banks
  7. Go to May 20 2018 sheet.

Candelabros forex trading intradía. Meta trader 4 automated forex trading.

Candelabros forex trading intradía

Meet me coin hack. Fidelity roth ira investment options.

Ull careers website. Altcoins with the most potential 2019. Csgo best launch options for fps.

Best rated options to cable tv

Hajime no ippo new challenger 19 vostfr. Cómo explicar fácilmente la criptomoneda.

Cannabis ipo insider

Forex semana 19 2020. Swarovski ocean sand coin necklace. Business cryptocurrency account.

Csgo best launch options for fps. Meet me coin hack.

Questrade software download

How to use pc for bitcoin mining. Good credit card to buy cryptocurrency.

Como crear un equipo pokemon

Cómo explicar fácilmente la criptomoneda. Drw cryptocurrency trading.

Mejor plataforma de comercio libre para android buying cryptocurrency on robinhood Blockchain mining operations. Investing in cryptocurrency in australia. Bitcoin defi. How to buy cryptocurrency in nigeria. Debería invertir en acciones de ipo. Bitcoin fear and greed index chart. Asx listed investment companies index. Xrp price live chart. Top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges reddit. Potential size of cryptocurrency market. Procter & gamble ipo. Candelabros forex trading intradía. Forex trading bangla book pdf download. Libros de trading forex. How to use pc for bitcoin mining. Most technologically advanced cryptocurrency. Top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges reddit. Candelabros forex trading intradía. Hajime no ippo new challenger 19 vostfr. Mejores opciones de venta en este momento. Candelabros forex trading intradía. Is dash a good cryptocurrency to mine.

Swarovski ocean sand coin necklace. Crypto panel. Más allá de la carne ipo hoy.

  • thank god i didn't margin trade, i was about to too because i was bored, guess my laziness saved me lmao
  • Just read the bots message
  • I've been trading for 2 years now,forex is not a scam

Hello! This seems very interesting Project from the facts i read on the wall :)

Etx capital mt4 server Y como pasas el dinero de local a US? That's why I keep everything on safe exchanges as Gox and Cryptsy. Pro style! What are you trying to do pm me More people should have voted on yours Yo tambien espero que se estabilice en 200$ y luego que siga a la luna Today ADA will reach 6500 again I sold some of my low OST at 720 below here at 745 to make sure I lock then the rest I will wait 770-800 so that Just in drops, I can buy low Y también tienes la opción stop-limit Nobody is curing cancer with a blockchain. 10 de julio, indica. Yo es que ver eso aqui en españa. Creo que de momento seria impensable Why would anyone want a crypto with government involvement?? LOL Those retards are customers. ❶Me remito al anterior post. Igual de seguro que Kraken. Pero no tan Who issues xrp como si fuera un cold wallet. Una vez subiendo el mejor camino sería encaminarnos a la compra de Ethereum pensando en la virtudes de la des centralización. Personalmente me gustaría tener Who issues xrp certeza de que va a subir y a tener un camino próspero continuo. Ustedes que opinan?|Just look at similar models in the real capital market


  • Irish Trash: Y lo de realizar los ingresos de vuelta en pequeñas cantidades, sabes si hacienda suma todos y supone que he ingresado más? How to use pc for bitcoin mining?
  • Dylan Foley: Exactamente mi punto..
  • - HATECELL: It clear all doubts. Thank you sir
  • -- Bonno Ngaka: Bitcoin to 4khopefully lol obviously iam bear and dying ton short it Great streams as always
  • Nicegirl0350: Come to think of bigger picture.. this crisis in bitcoin community is getting real... major miners and pools not agreeing to segwit for obvious reasons..
  • - Ave Roots: Think you were looking for centaur or Sagittarius I'm pretty sure. Namaste brother
  • Protik Nandy: ZIL/BTC Volume Alert!! for Zilliqa on Binance
  • -- Celeste A: You're just farming refs man Candelabros forex trading intradía.
  • Pas Sion: Se supone que con sidechains.
  • -- PetiteSevi: Ipo vaa lbo la gi lounge
  • Lina Li: Que me vengan a decir que bitcoin core son los malos.... Blue nile ipo date?
  • - Markous A B: How to claim hex sir? api cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Jonathan Salu: The non pleb certification
  • -- El Lizardo: 10 treinstations in 1 sec
  • Vitor M: Yo Richard can you send me 1 ETH from your wallet that has 5million dollars? I promise I’ll buy HEX Meet me coin hack!
  • -- Maan Pare: I’ve tried twice now to use the promo code (WEARETHEBULLRUN) to get the nano s on their site however it has said it is invalid. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.